The Map of Lower Marmion Lake,
of which John Munroe was the priciple reason
it's so well done and accurate,
are available for sale.

You can pick them up at Atikokan Bass Classic Headquarters located on the North side of Main Street in the Atikokan Economic Developement Corporation building. Voyageur Bait and Tackle (Hwy 11) and Walt's Dry Goods (Main St.) also retail the map. As it cost about $30,000 to produce, we are selling it at bargain basement prices to our ABC Competitors. Cost: $15.00.

John Munroe worked incredibly hard, at the time consuming task, of converting the data collected in the summer of 2008 by our Summer Mapping Crew and himself, into a hydrographic map of the Marmian Lakes Reservoir. I have decided to post John's report to the Atikokan Bass Classic Commitee, on our website, because it's very comprehensive and interesting, and will make anybody reading it respect the amount of work involved in creating this 'better than norm' hydrographic map. Click here to view John's report Note: It's a 2.6 MB pdf file.

The Community of Atikokan and ABC Competitors all raved about the landing enhancements to the Anderson Dam Landing in the spring of 2008. Bruce Donahue - Atikokan Township Engineering Department, surveyed the site and drew up a site plan; Jimmy Johnson - our Emcee and Atikokan's best friend, was vigilant at securing contractors to do the work; Walt Nash did the final groundskeeping, ie raking, planting grass, etc.; and Robin Brothwell - MNR Sr. Area Technician, Sheldon Haw - Area Technician and Brian Jackson - Atikokan MNR Biologist, were extremely supportive with site planning advice and completed the Environmental Assessment plan for us. Scroll down to view Anderson Dam Landing Maps.

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How To Get There Map text curves

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Anderson Dam Launch and Uptake Maps

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Anderson Dam Launch and Uptake Maps b

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Anderson Dam Landing Bay Bouys Pontoon Boat Draft 5